Hannah K

November 2021

I have recently finished my first booking with Agency by Katie-Jane. From registering through to finishing the booking they have been so lovely and very supportive.

I find the agency to be professional with a personal touch during sensitive situations and always just a phone call away if needed.

I look forward to more bookings with Agency by Katie-Jane x

Danielle Farnsworth

September 2021

Hannah came to us in unusual circumstances and to help me out with our newborn as I have a disability. She quickly adapted, made us feel comfortable and fitted in well with our family life. She is very knowledgeable, giving us lots of tips when we asked and also noticed that our little one has tongue tie which was missed by the midwives and health visitors. Hannah also helped with my anxiety by encouraging and joining me when going out of the house and was an absolute pleasure to be around. She made us both feel confident as new parents and we couldn’t have wished for anyone better to join us in our home. She even sorted out our first proper date night in years! We can’t thank her enough or thank you enough for sending her our way.

Karen S-W

July 2019

I like her ethics and can’t wait to get started with jobs from her agency

Jane Quinn

August 2021

I contacted Agency by Katie-Jane seeking a Maternity Nurse for my 8 week old. After talking to the agency and letting them know my requirements they introduced me to a lovely Maternity Nurse and I would highly recommend their choice.

My Maternity Nurse saved me mentally and physically during her stay because I was struggling to juggle a business, housework, other children and a new baby. The original booking was for 10 days and 12 nights to assist in getting my 8 week old boy into a routine but I ended up extending her stay because I found her support invaluable. She was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and most of all extremely good at her job role and managed to get my boy into a routine within a day or so which I could not believe. He went from an agitated unsettled baby during the day, to a placid happy baby who started sleeping through the night after 2 weeks. She taught me the routine to follow – we still follow it religiously. Not only was our Maternity Nurse respectful within the household but she did not interfere or get in the way of our time together as a family or as husband and wife.

We enjoyed her company, she became part of our family, and I was extremely sad to see her go. If I could have, I would have kept her for at least another 6-12 months. It was a privilege to have the lovely Maternity Nurse that Agency by Katie-Jane matched me with and if I had known about this service and her expertise then I would not have hesitated in booking her in for my previous 3 children.

Hannah Ovenstone

December 2021

Great agency! Really professional and responsive, would absolutely recommend.

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