Maternity Nurses and Night Nannies

A Maternity Nurse is a highly regarded postnatal professional who helps make the transition into parenthood more knowledgeable and supported.

Whether it is your first baby or a further addition to your family you may have experienced many different emotions. You may be feeling overwhelmed and excited by your wonderful news or a little nervous about the birth. Often we think about our birth plan and preparations before the birth but not always about those early days after the birth.

Our Maternity Nurses have been carefully chosen to be a part of Agency by Katie-Jane. They are selected by qualifications, experience, working ethos along with several other requisitions. They know when to be empathetic, to assist the parents as they adjust to parenthood for the first time or for a new baby being born into their growing family.

Booking one of our Maternity Nurses can most certainly be one of the best investments you make to support you post birth.  They will guide you with knowledge in the care of your baby, bathing, feeding, guide you through safe sleeping for baby, establishing healthy routines and they ensure that both Mum (and Dad) and baby are taken care of in those early weeks following the birth.

Our Maternity Nurses promote healthy sleep patterns, day/night associations, ensure all aspects of the baby’s care including washing of baby items and keeping the nursery organised, supporting Mum and Dad emotionally, ensuring Mum stays rested through the weeks ahead. We believe one of the most important tasks of a Maternity Nurse is supporting Mum’s chosen method of feeding whether breast or bottle.

We have Maternity Nurses who are breastfeeding, reflux and multiples specialists, premie experienced, those that encourage a more relaxed approach and those that believe a good balanced routine is healthier for baby.  However, at the end of the day, you must choose the Maternity Nurse that feels is right for you and this will be delivered by our high quality Maternity Professionals.

Maternity Nurses

Night Nannies

Our Night Nannies are fully qualified Maternity Nurses who choose to work nights only.  They are there to support parents with their focus being on creating a good night time routine for both parents and baby.  They will guide your newborn into a lovely sleep and feeding routine and undertake all nursery duties.

Night Nurses

Night Nanny

Our Night Nannies generally work a 10 or 12 hour night shift, eg, 9pm-7am or 7pm-7am*.

* Times to be agreed between Client and Night Nanny.

Maternity Nurse Residential

We recommend our residential Maternity Nurses be booked for 6-8 weeks and 24/5 or 24/6 with a 3-4 hour break in each 24 hour period*.  

* Times to be agreed between Client and Maternity Nurse.

Agency Fees

One off Agency Registration Fee – £75

Agency Booking Fee – £125

Maternity Professional Placement Fee (per 24 hours/night) – £25

Welcome to the World – 24 hour booking – £360 (48 hour packages also available at £360 per 24 hours)

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