Agency by Katie-Jane Ltd Terms and Conditions

Agency by Katie-Jane Ltd only undertakes business on the following legally and binding Terms and Conditions.

The Contract is between the Company (Agency by Katie-Jane Ltd) and the Client. Upon confirming the engagement of a Maternity Professional, after introduction by the Company, the Client agrees to enter into and accept the Terms of this Contract.

  • The Terms and Conditions are binding unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of the Company.
  • There is an initial, non refundable, one off Registration Fee of £75.
  • When the Company takes your booking and starts to send you suitable applicants the booking cannot be changed unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • The Client will be charged a £125 Booking Fee upon confirmation of booking any of the Company services.
  • There is also a nightly or 24 hour Placement Fee of £25, payable in advance, for the entire booking.
  • All fees must be paid in Pounds Sterling by a Bank Transfer at the time of booking.
  • Should the Client wish to book further Maternity Professional services then additional Booking and Placement Fees are payable.
  • The Booking Fee to the Company for a Maternity Professional is for the dur n of the initial booking.  Any future dates will incur a further charge and the Company must be notified of such an event by the Client. The Booking Fee would not be payable but the nightly/24 hour Placement Fee will be chargeable.
  • The Client will only make an offer of work to the Maternity Professional through the Company.
  • Booking the Maternity Professional directly or through another agency will be seen as by-passing the Company fees.
  • The Client agrees to notify the Company as soon as an offer of employment has been made and to pay the agreed Booking and Placement Fee to confirm the booking. The booking is not confirmed until both the Booking and Placement Fees have been received.
  • If the Maternity Professional is appointed to work for the Client with the intention of by-passing the Company fees, then the Client will be charged the full Booking Fee.
  • The Company acts as an introduction agency only and does not directly or indirectly employ the applicant who is self-employed.
  • The Client will pay the Maternity Professional directly at the end of each week or as arranged.
  • Our Maternity Professional’s are self-employed and responsible for the payment of their own Tax and National Insurance Contributions.
  • The Company Booking and Placement fees are not refundable. If unforeseen circumstances on the part of the Client or the Maternity Professional arise prior to or during the booking and these result in the cancellation or early termination of the booking, the Company will offer a free replacement for the remainder of the booking, unless the early termination of the booking is due to a breach of contract by the Client or a change in job description or other previously agreed elements such as pay, location and hours.
  • Should the Client wish to cancel the booking prior to the commencement date, 50% of the Maternity Professional’s salary for the duration of the booking will be charged to cover the Maternity Professional’s loss of earnings.
  • Should the Client wish to cancel during the booking, the Company reserves the right to retain 100% of all Fees  (nightly or 24 hour fee of £25).
  • The Company undertakes a rigorous interview process and reference checking. The final responsibility for accepting and employing the applicant lies with the Client.
  • The Company will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly as a result of an act or omission by any Maternity Professional introduced by the Company.
  • The Company reserves the right to use its own discretion with regards to any situation or problem not itemised in its terms.

Agency fees – no VAT is applicable to these fees

  • One-off Agency Registration Fee – £75
  • Agency Booking Fee – £125
  • Maternity Professional Placement Fee (per day/night) £25
  • Welcome to the World Package – 24 hours – £360 (additional 24 hours options available)
  • One-off Agency Introduction Fee – £15

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Please also read our Privacy Policy before booking

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