Breastfeeding Specialist

With 20 years experience in maternity services as both a Midwife and a Maternity Nurse, I have had the joy of being alongside 100’s of women on their feeding journeys.  I guess I am a bit unique in that I do not always believe “breast is best” (Please do not shoot me!). I believe in supporting choice and my style is very much about helping you to achieve your feeding goals, whatever they may be.

I begin each consultation by taking a full history of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey so far. I do this because there are often clues in past events to help me work out what is happening now. For example, antibiotics during pregnancy may have contributed to your baby having a leaky gut and subsequent feeding discomfort, or a traumatic birth might have left your baby ‘tight’ and may be helped by a session with a cranial osteopath.

Breastfeeding issues are sometimes an easy fix and sometimes they are more complex, but either way, together we will get there!

One-off Agency Introductory Fee – £15  Our Breastfeeding Specialist will discuss her fees when you have your initial consultation.

Please call the office on 0151 558 1406 to discuss your requirements further.

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