Doulas are trained, non medical, professionals who provide continuous emotional, physical and knowledgeable support to a Client, prenatal, during and postpartum (post birth) to facilitate the best possible birth experience.

They do not deliver babies but work alongside the Midwife and Doctor to comfort and reassure Mum-to-be and carry out breathing techniques. They are a pillar of support.

Doulas will also continue their support for the initial period postpartum at the Client’s home providing an all round support for the Client, baby and often doing some light housework and cooking for the family.


Agency Fees

One off Agency Registration Fee – £75

Agency Booking Fee – £125

Maternity Professional Placement Fee (per 24 hours/night) – £25

Welcome to the World – 24 hour booking – £360 (48 hour packages also available at £360 per 24 hours)

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Sleep Consultancy

If you are looking for Sleep Consultancy options for children aged 4 months to 6 years, please contact our sister agency:

The International Baby Whisperer Ltd at:

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