Reflux Specialist

I have specialised in “Baby Reflux” for many years both in the UK and Internationally.  My approach to helping babies is without using medication.  If your baby is already on medication, I am also able to help in many cases, but your GP must agree.  I also receive recommendations from GP’s to help families with reflux babies.    

Kim_Reflux_SpecialistAs a parent of a baby with Reflux or Silent Reflux it can be so difficult. Not only does it affect feeding but also sleeping as baby can be so uncomfortable. Not being able to stop your baby crying or regurgitating can be heartbreaking for a parent.

As well as training, I have found experience has given me so much information on how to deal with this issue.  I do not offer zoom consultations as I prefer to come into your home over several days to observe parents and baby as this can give me so much information on what baby may need. After observing I implement a feeding and sleep routine which leaves baby feeling more comfortable and therefore feeds and sleeps better.

One-off Agency Introductory Fee – £15 – Our Reflux Specialist will discuss her fees when you have your initial consultation.


Please call the office on 0151 558 1406 to discuss your requirements further.

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