The Really Early Days

Let us start at the beginning…

I am pregnant!

Welcome to the first of our blogs which we hope you enjoy.  We will be taking you through a journey of each trimester and beyond, bringing you knowledge and tips along the way.

Finding out you are pregnant can bring many mixed emotions.  These can range from joy to worry, excitement, the unknown, that is because everyone’s journey from preconception through to falling pregnant is very different and personal to them. Not everyone’s journey has been plain sailing when you arrive at that moment when the pregnancy test reads “Pregnant”. Some of you have fallen pregnant straight away, others will have had a long journey, taken the IVF route  or even surrogacy. Congratulations if you are reading this and have just found out you are expecting.

Baby Bump

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is very common, this is also known as morning sickness. It can feel like you are in the middle of the ocean on a boat rocking, (that is how I would describe it from my personal experience through my 3 pregnancies) a feeling of wanting to be sick or actually being sick.  It really is the luck of the draw whether you experience morning sickness or not.  You cannot prevent it.  However, here are a few natural ways to help ease that “wishy washy” feeling:

Rest up and sleep as much as possible. Your body is going through big changes and sleep can help through this period of morning sickness.

Ginger – this can be taken in the form of a drink or even ginger biscuits can help and do not forget ginger oil.

Snacking on dry crackers

Peppermint – well known to settle the tummy at any time and for morning sickness

Keep hydrated – it is so important to keep hydrated throughout your pregnancy, for your own health and for the development of your baby. Starting this from the early days can help it become second nature and part of your new daily routine. I know at times taking in fluids can be tricky with morning sickness but do your best.

Rather than eating 3 big meals maybe eat small portions but more frequently can sometimes help during the morning sickness period.

Vitamin B6 can help – start to bring B6 into your daily routine

Homeopathy – it might be worth talking to your homeopath and getting support with morning sickness

Here is a list of pregnancy-safe essential oils which are safe to take throughout pregnancy:

Combat morning sickness and nausea – Cardamom, Ginger

Promote calm, relaxation, and a good night’s sleep – Frankincense, German or Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Neroli, Petitgrain, Rose or Rosewood

Uplift your mood – Geranium, Lemon, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Wild Orange

I have never tried through my pregnancies, but I have heard motion sickness wristbands can work wonders.

Morning sickness usually subsides between 16-20 weeks so nurture yourself, rest and think of it as short-term. You are doing an amazing job being patient whilst your body is preparing in the background for the months ahead.  You need to look after yourself too as you carry your little one safely as it grows. The body is an amazing thing.  It may help when suffering with morning sickness to write a little journal of your journey each day.  It is so lovely reading back as your pregnancy evolves, reading about each stage you have transitioned through… Well done you!

It is also good to use this time, during the weeks ahead, to source out a good cream to rub into your tummy daily which will help prevent or reduce stretch marks as your bump grows. Take yourself off to get fitted for a good supporting bra to ensure you are comfortable. This is all part of “not forgetting about you” through this journey.  Mental and physical welfare is also so important for mums-to-be.  Yoga in pregnancy is good for the mind, body and soul and it is a great way to stay active (and is healthy for you and baby).  It has been proven to reduce anxiety and can also improve sleep. Yoga is safe to practice from the first trimester (but not hot yoga).


If you are planning to book a Maternity Nurse, the beginning of the second trimester is a good time to do this.  We would advise that you get your Maternity Nurses booked up in advance.  You will want to take your time looking over CV’s, interviewing, deciding who is the perfect Maternity Nurse for you and your family to help make those days post-birth transitioning into parenthood more knowledgeable.

Thank you for reading our blog “Let us start at the beginning” the first in our monthly blogs. We look forward to being part of your pregnancy journey and once again… Congratulations!

Our warmest wishes

Katie-Jane xx

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